• 1800s Edwardian Victorian Silk Beaded Jacket


    This is a fantastic example of Edwardian or Victorian clothing featuring silk satin fabric and glass beads in both design and fringe décor. The best thing about this is that it is actually wearable by a modern human. Many pieces from this era were worn with a corset and unwearable by today's standards. Pair it with jeans, a printed maxi skirt, a Herve Leger Skirt, or liquid leather jeans like we did and you have a look.

    Model is a siz 4 and 5'10

    Length:  21 (back), 25 (front)
    Shoulder:  5.5
    Sleeve:  22
    Armpit to armpit:  18
    Waist:  18 (has insert that was added at a later time) or natural waist:  15 and can be altered 'back' to original fit.
    Sleeve opening:  4.5